Our Partnership

PTS Training Academy and Sodexo Justice Services have formed a key Strategic Partnership with a common aim to support the rehabilitation of prisoners and to develop newly recruited prison officers with the skills, knowledge and behaviour to actively support the rehabilitation agenda.

PTS Training Academy have a clear strategic vision in relation to supporting the rehabilitation of offenders and working in partnership with Sodexo Justice Services. We aim to assist in supporting offenders to access real work opportunities in prison and to re-enter the employment market upon their release.

  • Creating and implementing a clear and focused curriculum pathway in rail operatives that anticipates the needs of the learner and meets the identified local, regional and national employment needs.
  • Driving the innovative use of a realistic work place setting within the prison, with a rail track installed at HMP Peterborough as part of the educational programme.
  • Enabling each offender to have the opportunity to achieve their full learning and employment outcome
  • Using education and employment opportunity in the rail industry to reduce the potential of re-offending on release.

PTS Training Academy (PTS) have been a great company to work with to improve our training offer to both staff and residents. They have quickly understood our needs and developed a number of programmes and ways of working to suit and adapt to different cohorts of learners at different sites. The Level 3 Custody and Detention Apprenticeship helps us to enhance and accredit our newly recruited Prison Custody Officer induction process whilst working within the rules of the apprenticeship levy. More impressive has been their ability to develop through the gate employment training for resident learners at two prisons. At HMP Peterborough, PTS now operate a rail track safety course for learners approaching their release date on a simulated rail track. Upon completion of the course and release into the community, PTS continue to work with the learners to provide training in the ‘live’ environment before placing them onto apprenticeship opportunities. There are many future opportunities where our two organisations can work together to create improved employment ready training for residents, improved through the gate links into the community, improved employment opportunities on release and a significant contribution towards reducing re-offending.

Steve Jones

Head of College Sodexo

HMP Peterborough

HMP Peterborough is a local category B. It is the country’s only dual purpose-built prison for men and women, who are kept separate at all times.

The objective is to provide a safe and secure living and working environment for residents in Sodexo Justice services care. The aim is to reduce reoffending through the provision of a rehabilitative culture, offering education and training opportunities, together with support from agencies both within and outside the prison.

At HMP Peterborough, PTS Training Academy offer a two-week introduction to the rail industry. All residents are vetted and selected using the Network Rail eligibility standards to ensure they meet the requirements and are able to work on the rail on release. Residents have a comprehensive induction working on the installed track, and are then Drug & Alcohol tested in preparation for their release, where they then join us at the Peterborough heritage site to complete their Personal Track Safety programme in preparation for employment on the rail.

Residents working on the track at HMP Peterborough

HMP Northumberland

Sodexo Justice Services took over the responsibility for operating HMP Northumberland in December 2013 to support the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in developing a working prison. HMP Northumberland is a Category C prison, holding male offenders. It is only the second public sector prison ever to be transferred to a private sector operator in the UK.
Working prisons priorities are:

More residents working
Residents working longer hours
Any increases in resident working should be self-financing and cost neutral to the Ministry of Justice

The aim is to instil a work ethic in to offenders, some of who have never had a job in their life, and give them skills to find employment on release rather than return to crime.
Sodexo Justice Services is focused on making the working prison comparable to the real world by working a full week, focusing the daily routine around work and ensuring a focus on quality, linking work with qualifications and employment opportunities upon release.


PTS are supporting the prison in the extensive gardens that residents work in daily. The offering of a non-regulated qualification has allowed PTS and the prison team to develop a tailor-made qualification that meets the needs of the individuals and gives them the prospect of moving onto a Level 2 accredited qualification in Horticulture and Forestry. The prison has been successful in securing funds to create a farm retail shop and café where residents will sell farm produce and a range of bedding plants, flowers and shrubs.



The Engineering workshop, which is capable of machining and fabrication of steel products, is popular and currently produces security cages, racking, signage frames and security door parts. PTS have maximised on the high quality specification of the Engineering workshop and have been delivering accredited Level 1 and Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations qualifications through the awarding body EAL.


Prison Custody and Detention Officer

The role of the Prison Custody Officer has a clear purpose to ensure individuals in custody are held in a secure, safe, decent and fair environment. Sodexo Justice Services has a clear mission: ‘Quality Life Services’, Changing Lives for The Better.

PTS Training Academy are pleased to be supporting the development of the Level 3 Custody and Detention Apprenticeship Standard with Sodexo Justice Services, utilising their specialist skills and the occupational competency of their training teams. We have worked with Sodexo Justice Services with the first cohorts of newly recruited candidates at HMP Forest Bank, who are presently working towards the apprenticeship standard. Sodexo Justice Services will have a standardised approach to the training of new prison officers and the programme is now being rolled out to HMP Peterborough, HMP Northumberland and HMP Bronzefield:

Partnering with PTS Training Academy has enabled us to implement the new Custody and Detention Officer Level 3 apprenticeship standard. Their knowledge and expertise, coupled with their open and highly supportive approach, has made the entire process much less daunting than anticipated.

Graeme McKinneley

Learning and Development Business Partner Sodexo

Sodexo Justice has been working with PTS Training Academy (PTS) since December 2017 on the Level 3 Custody and Detention Apprenticeship Standard. This has been a joint venture with PTS using their knowledge and experience as an Apprenticeship provider, and Sodexo Justice delivering the custodial training. Due to the hard work and commitment from PTS and Sodexo Justice, we have been able to implement the new Apprenticeship, being the first in the UK, with our first cohort of 16 officers beginning their training in May 2018. This has been a very successful and a promising start to the Custody and Detention Apprenticeship.

Mark Millin

Learning Development Manager at HMP Forest Bank
(Sodexo Justice Services)

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