Our Team

Matthew Joyce


Chairman and co-founder of PTS Training Academy.
Starting out as a senior possession manager on the railway, I have progressed and succeeded in a number of roles, including Safety Critical Operative, Engineering Supervisor, Safety Advisor and Assessor, and Business Development Manager.
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I am now the Chairman of PTS Training Academy ad the PTS Group, and have helped our company grow and achieve...

Byron Thomas


CEO and co-founder of PTS Training Academy and the PTS Group.
“As a CEO, I oversee the strategic direction and growth of PTS Training Academy. Since 2012, PTS Training Academy has experienced rapid growth and expanded in numbers, both in terms of its operations and number of employees.
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As a CEO, I oversee the strategic direction and growth of PTS Training Academy...

Georgina Burton

Managing Director

“I have been working in the Further Education and training sector for over 14 years following a successful career in Construction and Facilities Management. I have a passion for using education and training to ‘make a difference’ by supporting the development of an innovative training agenda for businesses and learners.Read More >

Stella Mullock

Lead Curriculum Manager

“As the Lead Curriculum Manager at PTS Training Academy, I am responsible for directing and mentoring several teams. I really believe that every student is individual, and have written, developed, and delivered courses both in the workplace and classroom providing guidance, feedback and support to learners, helping them achieve a variety of qualifications.Read More >

Joe Di Micco

Teaching, Learning and Delivery Manager

“I have been working in further education for over 25 years, initially starting as a lecturer within the service industry sector, before moving into management roles. I have experience working with a wide range of delivery platforms, and have a passion for implementing quality processes in line with Ofsted standards supporting a positive learner experience, achievement and success.
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Emma Dawoud

Director of Prison Services

“I have always been passionate about education and giving individuals the opportunity to strive, develop and make a positive contribution to society. Throughout my career, I have managed partnerships and contract opportunities and driven quality processes within the organisations I have worked for. With a comprehensive portfolio skill-set, I can claim a number of key achievements…
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