Byron Thomas

CEO and co-founder of PTS Training Academy and the PTS Group.

“As a CEO, I oversee the strategic direction and growth of PTS Training Academy. Since 2012, PTS Training Academy has experienced rapid growth and expanded in numbers, both in terms of its operations and number of employees. For the past five years, we have established our clients and partners trust by delivering contemporary bespoke training solutions, fully funded or co-funded by the UK government and European Social Fund.

Our clients have trusted PTS Training Academy to design and build end-to-end training solutions and managing their apprenticeship levy.

Before founding PTS Training Academy, I have worked as an Internal Auditor, Project Manager, and in Data Management. With 17 years experience in Manufacturing and 13 years in the Railway Safety industry, my knowledge and in-depth understanding of these within a training environment has allowed me to fulfill the dream of opening doors to free training for everyone.”


Byron Thomas